Spartan Museum of Taranto - Hypogeum Bellacicco

The Spartan Museum of Taranto - Hypogeum Bellacicco,  already Hypogeum
Palazzo de Beaumont Bonelli, is located at number 39 of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
(railing of the Mar Grande) in the ancient town of Taranto.

The peculiarity that makes this structure, unique in its Puglia’s historic and artistic’s view,i s that in it, are documented all the ages and historical periods since the founding of Taranto by the Spartans (VIII sec a.C) until the seventeenth century, date of construction of the nobiliary Palace de Beaumont Bonelli.
The Museum is divided into 4 rooms (5-8 metres hight) and shows an extension of 800 square metres and a depth which reaches, at the lovest levels (4 altogher) 16 metres under the street basement and 4 metres under the sea level.

The Museum, in a central position to the island of the old town, is a crossroads with
other underground structures of the old town, which together form the system of  Taranto Underground

It currently houses the Cultural Association "Filonide" and it is the only hypogeum structure fully restored and accessible in the historical centre. The restoration of the structure (lasted 6 years) was realized by the family funds of its current owners (family Bellacicco) without public or private financing

In 2007 he received recognition from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, by the
application of an exhibitor at the entrance of the structure.

The Museum is object of different degree thesis in Italy and in the U.S.A and it is a container of cultural and artistic events of different kind.

With its total of 45,000 visitors (2014), the Spartan’s Museum  is the third Taranto’s structure most visited after the Aragoness Castle and the Archaeological Museum MarTa.

The Spartan’s Museum is currently third and twenty-second place respectively in Taranto in Puglia and on the tourism portal Tripadvisor.

Spartan Museum is visitable by  appointment with our guided tours

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